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Jackson's Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant

Flavor comes first at High Noon. We pride ourselves on serving up delicious, healthy and creative meatless meals that please adventurous foodies and comfort-food enthusiasts alike, from enchiladas verdes and chickpea curry to eggplant parmesan and our famous Down Home chili.

Five days a week, our chefs select premium-quality natural ingredients to prepare all of our dishes from scratch. We never use trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, MSG, GMOs or meat. We use only USDA-certified organic dairy products and cold-pressed organic oils, and we strive to use certified organic and local produce whenever possible.

See why Jackson Free Press readers have continually voted High Noon the Best Place for Healthy Food and Best Vegetarian Options!

Check out this week's specials!

Thursday, May 26

Entree: Pizza

Wait, so our menus are also available on Twitter and Facebook? What... what am I doing here, writing out descriptions for pizza? Am I being replaced?! SOMEONE HELP!

Grill Special: Seitan Philly Cheesesteak

It's seitan, peppers, onions, and cheese! On a sandwich! But did they tell you that on twitter or facebook? They did?!

Soup: Nacho Soup

It's not-yo soup... wait, if these menus are available all over the internet, why did you click here? What's going on?

Friday, May 27

Entree: Seaside Cakes, Mashed Potatoes and Coleslaw

I can't believe that you're all getting your High Noon Cafe menu information from Twitter and Facebook. I'm shocked. I don't even want to go into detail about the specials, now.

Soup: Miso Soup

Much like the seaside cakes, this soup's got tofu, seaweed, and onions. Much like my future, it's cloudy.

Monday, May 30

Entree: Red Beans & Rice

There's a shadowy, X-Files-ish conspiracy against this page. I'm catching the hints of it on twitter and facebook, where they're trying to make me not be as relevant. I trust we all know what Red Beans and Rice is like. Ours doesn't contain meat! They won't tell you that on twitter!

Grill Special: Quesadillas

There are a lot of unanswered quesadilla questions out there. The truth, also, is out there. Probably in a Seitan Quesdilla. Did you know that you can get both seitan cheesesteak AND the veggie mix in a quesadilla? That's not something you can find out on Facebook, is it?

Soup: Gumbo

Much like my life, gumbo is a complicated mixture of ingredients that, despite the weirdness, and the fact that okra plays a large part, comes out delicious.

Tuesday, May 31

Entree: High Noon Curry

Well, it's the last day of May, and the last day for spouting off about things that aren't actually on the menu. The Facebook and Twitter minions have finally found me out.

Grill Special: Black bean and spinach burritos

Black beans, spinach, rice, and more. All wrapped up. Just, wrapped up. Finally.

Soup: Lentil Soup

Until next time, lentil next time.

We also share our lunch specials on Facebook and Twitter.

Cafe Hours

Monday - Friday, 11:30am - 2:00pm


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