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High Noon Cafe

Jackson's Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant

Flavor comes first at High Noon. We pride ourselves on serving up delicious, healthy and creative meatless meals that please adventurous foodies and comfort-food enthusiasts alike, from enchiladas verdes and chickpea curry to eggplant parmesan and our famous Down Home chili.

Five days a week, our chefs select premium-quality natural ingredients to prepare all of our dishes from scratch. We never use trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, MSG, GMOs or meat. We use only USDA-certified organic dairy products and cold-pressed organic oils, and we strive to use certified organic and local produce whenever possible.

See why Jackson Free Press readers have continually voted High Noon the Best Place for Healthy Food and Best Vegetarian Options!

Check out this week's specials!

Friday, September 23

Entree: Seaside Cakes, Mashed Potatoes and Coleslaw

Hey, what if nobody ever reads this?

Soup: Onion Soup

We better leave them coded messages.

Monday, September 26

Entree: Pasta Bake

Pasta Bake is delicious. It's got everything you could want out of baked pasta. PLEASE

Grill Special: Vegetable Quesadilla

There's also a seitan quesadilla option. EMAIL

Soup: Veggie Soup

Now with more veggies! US

Tuesday, September 27

Entree: Pad Thai

Now, with vegetables that are STEAMED! WE

Grill Special: Black bean and spinach burritos

You'll NEVER guess what's in these burritos! ARE

Soup: Senegalese Peanut Soup

This soup's from America, by way of Senegal, by way of peanuts that are amazing. TRAPPED

Wednesday, September 28

Entree: Enchilada Pie

It's pie! It's enchiladas! That really takes the cake (and turns it into a taco) IN

Grill Special: High Noon Burger

It's a burger made from beets and veggies and everything you've been wishing was in those bland soy patties! THE

Soup: Nacho Soup

This soup is made from nachos. Oh man, that sounds good. PAST

Thursday, September 29

Entree: PIZZA

There's nothing better than pizza! IN

Grill Special: Seitan Philly Cheesesteak

It's great! It's got seitan, it's got cheese, it's got a dipping sauce! You can dip things in things! THE

Soup: Nacho Soup


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Cafe Hours

Monday - Friday, 11:30am - 2:00pm


Students & Member-owners: 10% off

Questions? Our staff members are famous for being knowledgeable and helpful. Just ask!