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Rainbow Red Beans and Rice

Posted by Patrick on May 22, 2017


We’ve had several people ask about red beans and rice recipes that can be made meatlessly, so in honor of this Meatless Monday, we’re sharing Patrick’s favorite RB&R recipe. You don’t have to call it RB&R if you don’t want to. RB&R sounds like a train-themed R&B radio station.

This recipe calls for a pressure cooker. If you don’t have one, a way to do it on the stovetop is included at the end.

What you’ll need:

Pressure cooker or large pot (at least 6 qt capability)
Large pot (6 qt capacity)
Dry red kidney beans (2 cups for this recipe)
1 large onion, yellow
1 large bell pepper, green
3-4 stalks of celery
2 heads garlic
Toasted sesame oil
Smoked sea salt
Smoked paprika
5 bay leaves
Vegetable stock or broth, 2 quarts
(You can substitute beer or water for some portion of stock)
Apple Cider Vinegar

2-3 Dried chipotle peppers (whole)
½ bundle green onions
AND/OR ½ small red onion
Veggie sausages (I recommend Field Day chipotle sausages)
Italian parsley
Celery leaves
Liquid smoke
Soy sauce

Wash and soak your beans for at least an hour before beginning. If you’re not using a pressure cooker, I recommend soaking overnight.

Chop one head of garlic.

Add your beans to your pressure cooker or pot and cover with stock or broth. Add the bay leaves, a couple dashes of the toasted sesame oil, and the chopped garlic. You can add soy sauce here, too. Cook these until they’re done. Your pressure cooker has directions for this (usually 30 minutes on high) or you can find lists online. It usually takes an hour or two on the stovetop, but you want your beans to be NOT ENTIRELY DONE. You want them slightly harder than usual, just a hint of crunch to them, because you’re going to be cooking them again.

While your beans are cooking, chop up the remaining head of garlic, your large onion, your bell pepper and your celery. Save the celery leaves! Chop them up even finer than you have everything else.

Now, add enough toasted sesame oil to coat the bottom of your large pot, and throw all those chopped vegetables in there. Sautee until they’re browned, and then - toss those beans in! Don’t drain them! Cover the beans again with stock, don’t be afraid to put some red wine in there, some beer, or some water to make enough liquid.

Add thyme, any other bay leaves, chipotle peppers, and liquid smoke at this point. Everything except the smoked sea salt and paprika.

Get the seasoning right with some apple cider vinegar as this mixture cooks down. You want it to NEED a little salt right up till serving time, so don’t over-salt!

While this cooks down - it’ll take about an hour - get everything else ready - sautee your sausages, finely chop your red onion or green onion, add those parsley or celery leaves and all your toppings.

Cook up some rice! White rice is easy and traditional, but if you want to do the healthier brown rice, we’re not going to stop you!

When the beans are nice and soft, turn off the heat, give it a good beating up with a spoon to give it that half-mashed feel (that’s according to your tastes). Don’t add smoked paprika and sea salt until it’s time to serve, then top everything with your chopped onions!

I think you’ll like this recipe. The toasted sesame oil gives it a smoky, savory flavor that’s enhanced by chipotles, liquid smoke, smoked sea salt and paprika. That’s a healthy alternative to bacon, ham trimmings, or fatback, and the soy sauce and apple cider vinegar round out that meaty flavor while still keeping it meatless.