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Rainbow Needs Your Help

Posted by Patrick on May 03, 2017


Greetings, Rainbow shoppers;

Since 1980, Rainbow has been Jackson’s only community owned grocery, and the only store willing to keep unhealthy products off our shelves. We’ve had some trying times, going through bank loans, refinancing, constant flooding, and even Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

But, we’ve always managed to pull through, thanks to the dedicated support of our community. So, we need your help once again.

Times are tough. While we were focused on competition from the Whole Foods Market that opened two and a half miles from our door, other national chain stores were expanding their natural and organic offerings, using their superior buying power to depress prices. This has eaten into our sales at an unsustainable rate.

We appreciate that many of you still shop here, despite the competition. Those of you who do are no doubt cognizant of another issue that we are virtually helpless to deal with: The parking lot. When we set up shop in Fondren, it was not a popular place to be, but since our arrival in 1998, Fondren has become Jackson’s hottest neighborhood. Fondren Public routinely fills the lot by five o’clock, when most of our shoppers are getting off work and coming to buy groceries.  While there is usually plenty of parking on Saturdays and Sundays (on Sundays, you can get your membership or shareholder discounts) or before five, we realize that many of you can’t, or don’t want to, shop at those times - it’s your valuable time, after all.

Due to these difficulties, Rainbow has had to cut expenses. We’ve come to a point where that’s not enough - any further cuts will lead to a downward spiral that could cause the end of the cooperative.

We’re not asking you to donate money or make huge changes to your spending habits. If every member spends an extra three dollars on each trip, we will be on the road to a comfortable financial status.

There’s a lot of stuff you can get for three dollars at Rainbow - we’re showcasing those things on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Just one addition to your cart will make the difference between a thriving local business, or another derelict building. You’ve already helped make a tremendous difference in Jackson, anchoring this neighborhood and creating a community. It won’t be hard to save the Coop, we just need your help.

Thank You;

Rainbow Coop