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How to Cook the Perfect Brown Rice

Posted by Patrick on May 29, 2017


You always hear that you should eat more brown rice instead of white rice, right? Healthy brown rice may have a low price, but sometimes it doesn’t cook up as nice, no matter what device you might decide to use, right?

Well listen up, Rainbow has some advice, it’s easy to use, and not too precise, you can mess with it without a roll of the dice, add ingredients, or excise, you’ll make a nice bowl of rice that will entice, no matter how you slice it. You’ll be so cool they’ll claim you’re on ice.

Here’s how you do it:

Makes 2-4 cups of cooked brown rice.

Set aside 1-2 cups of uncooked brown rice - I prefer short grain, it tends to fluff a little easier, but Basmati and Jasmine are both great substitutes. Don’t heavily season Jasmine rice, it’ll provide it’s own wonderfully floral scent.

Get your largest pot - it’ll need to hold 3-4 QUARTS of water (and the rice). Add 3-4 quarts of water to the pot. You can substitute any amount of broth you’d like, but I don’t recommend using more than 1 quart of broth and 3 quarts of water. A quart is a LOT of broth, don’t use more than that unless you really want to weigh it down. It’ll make it less fluffy. You probably want your rice fluffy. Too much broth will render it heavy and slick.

Start that water on high on your stovetop while you add your seasonings. These are optional:


½ to 1 tablespoons of your preferred oil. You can use less oil if you used broth. You don’t have to use oil. I like a little butter, coconut oil, or toasted sesame oil for flavor.

Salt. I like a dash of sea salt.

Bay leaves, 1-2.

1-2 whole peeled cloves of garlic.

1-2 dried African bird peppers.

A glug of soy sauce and/or fish sauce.

A couple of 1” sprigs of ginger.



Obviously you don’t want to put ALL of those in there at once, but mix in what you’d like! My favorite for Asian-themed dishes is garlic, pepper, fish sauce, and ginger. I’ll use bay leaves, salt, rosemary and thyme for more Western European dishes, or red beans and rice, and straight salt/oil for simple dishes.

Once the water is at a ROLLING boil (roiling), add your rice. Leave the top OPEN and let it boil for 45 minutes on HIGH. You really want that rice to roll around in there to keep it from getting heavy and stuck together. Feel free to stir it from time to time - you don’t have to, but you can. Leaving the top off can make the kitchen a little warmer, but also makes the house smell DELICIOUS.

Do not eat your house. The brown rice will be much better.

Once the 45 minutes are up, turn OFF the stove, and pour the rice and water through a colander. You won’t need the water again, so feel free to pour it down the sink. If you want a little as a keepsake or for other cooking needs (it’ll be starchy and spiced as you spiced the rice, and good for Very Little) you can do that before you pour it out.

IMPORTANT: Once you pour out the rice, put it BACK in the HOT POT, and COVER IT. That’s important. You’ll leave the hot pot full of hot rice on the stove steaming in it’s own goodness for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, pick out your twigs and sprigs of seasonings, toss it with a fork, (this is a good spot to throw a little rice vinegar on there if you want) and enjoy fluffy brown rice!