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Annual Meeting Announcement 2017

Posted by Patrick on October 03, 2017


run for the rainbow co op board of directors

Greetings, Rainbow members and shareholders.

October is here, the fall weather is very slowly drifting in, and big changes are coming to the Fondren neighborhood.

That means that this year’s annual meeting is right around the corner, and more important than ever.

Sunday, November 5th, we’ll meet at Rainbow for what will undoubtedly be one of the most important annual meetings in Rainbow’s 30 plus years of history.

Fondren is changing. The natural food industry is changing. Your coop is caught up in all this, and we have three board members with terms that expire, or who are resigning, this year.

That means that 2017’s influx of board members will be massively important for years to come.

We need you. We need people who get things done. People who are capable of researching, who have contacts within the community, who understand the basics of business. We can teach you a lot about the cooperative economy, ways to work on a responsible board of directors, and the particulars of Rainbow, but your drive and dedication are all you.

Only current shareholders of Rainbow Natural Grocery Cooperative are eligible for the Board of Directors.

If you want to run for the board of directors, and you’re a current shareholder, the process is simple. Go to the customer service desk at Rainbow and ask for a form. They’re there on display if you just want to pick one up. Fill it out and return it. I’m collecting them all in a big folder. You can nominate someone else (who is a shareholder) but they must be eligible for and accept your nomination.

If you want to be on the ballot, you have to fill out that form before Thursday, October 26, 2017. Being on the ballot is a big advantage, but we have had a few directors be elected via write in vote. There are not thousands of votes cast each year - you and five or six like-minded shareholders could easily select a swath of Rainbow’s future.

In-store voting begins Sunday, October 29 and ends at the annual meeting on November 5th. At the meeting, we will have in-person ballots to fill out, and we will announce the results at the end of the meeting on Sunday, November 5th.