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Brand new produce coolers

Posted by Patrick on August 12, 2013

After he wrote down the Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein designed a refrigerator. It was a fairly successful model (though dangerous due to it’s use of butane gas) but unlike most of Einstein’s intellectual endeavours, someone else did a better job.

Why would one of our greatest geniuses turn to the lowly refrigerator? Well, it’s more than 100 degrees outside now, so I’ll ponder my response inside with a glass of ice water. It’s a simple move that puts me out of the league of the most powerful Queens and Sultans of antiquity, who built great works to maintain just a few blocks of precious ice.

And in the produce department, cool temperatures are important for more than just comfort. Refrigeration prevents spoilage, by inhibiting the microbes that cover everything on earth, and by slowing down the enzymes that turn green fruit into ripe fruit. Of course, since those enzymes don’t stop once that apple is ripe, they speed ripening fruit inevitably towards putrescence. Our coolers keep all of that microbiology from ruining your food and your day.

“Well, Patrick, why are you telling us all this? Do you just have a twisted love of refrigeration-based minutiae?” Well, that is part of it.

The other reason is that we have brand new produce coolers!

We were sad to see our old coolers go - they’d been with the coop since the beginning, even before we moved to our current location. These coolers had been with the Rainbow for longer than I’ve been alive - and they were used when we got them.

But, alas, they just weren’t cooling very well, even though they were eating electricity at an alarming rate. Our new units are more efficient, they keep produce cooler, they let us keep MORE produce, and if I must be honest - they look great. I’ve been watching them all day. They’re like something out of a spaceship. You take a look at them and you just know that whatever you pull out is going to be cool, perfectly ripe, and delicious.

You’ll all also like the fact that now, more than two people can shop in the produce department at once. So, bring a friend.

Go on, try it.

Bring a friend

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