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Patrick’s Fiery BBQ Rub

Posted by Patrick on December 20, 2016

Patrick’s Fiery BBQ Rub:

All these ingredients are available in our bulk department. Feel free to make any replacements or substitutions you want. This mix is a spicy, tangy dry rub suitable for most light meats, tofu, seitan, and other hot grilling and dipping recipes.

Please measure your spices by weight. I considered one part to be one ounce for my recipe, making slightly more than a pound of BBQ rub so I could give it as Christmas gifts. (Sorry if I ruined the surprise!)

Before any discounts, this will cost you about $10, which is a great deal on a pound of delightful mixed seasonings!

You’ll need one half part of each of the following:

Chipotle Powder: This provides the heat, and the smoked peppers of the chipotle provide some additional savory smokiness.
Marjoram: This holds the rub together, and brings a bright, citrusy tingle to the tongue.

You’ll need one part each of the following:

Ginger root powder: This brings a burst of fire and heat that’s also savory and soothing to the stomach.
Sage Powder: A rich, delightful earthiness that brings rounded European flavors to the mix.
Black Pepper: A deep tingling heat that lingers.
White Pepper: A lighter version of the same, hitting the same notes as the marjoram.
Yellow Mustard Powder: An astringent low note that balances out the higher, brighter flavors.
Smoked Chili Flakes: More smoky heat, with less of a punch than the chipotle.

You’ll need two parts of each of the following:

Smoked Sea Salt: Saltiness to bring out all the flavors of the mix, plus more smoke!
Onion Powder: Rich, savory warmth and smell, this covers the bitter flavors and adds fruit!
Roasted Garlic Powder: More roasted smoky taste with the deep Earthy heat of garlic.

You’ll need three parts of the following:
Smoked Paprika: The main ingredient, holding everything together, adding smoke, bulk, and herbs.

Mix it well and you’re done!

Now when you add this to your BBQ, you can add it at the beginning of the cook, but be sure to reapply it toward the end. The delicate smoked flavors tend to cook out fairly easily, leaving you with more heat. A second application will build smoke, heat, and the savory herbal taste.
Other additions would include lemon peel for a tart fruity tang, rosemary for a sweet rounded flavor.
Add it to lime juice and soy sauce and you’ll make a great dip!



Vote For Rainbow - Best of Jackson!

Posted by Patrick on December 08, 2016

Look, obviously we want you to vote for Rainbow and High Noon in Best of Jackson (healthiest place to eat!) But that’s the easy part. I also want to point out that there are Rainbow board members and employees nominated, there’s businesses we’ve partnered with, ex-employees, artists who hang art in here and paint our tables, chefs who get ingredients here, restaurants who buy from the same farmers as us, because we’re an organic part of the community. Rainbow’s not some big box plonked down like an alien spaceship in a parking lot, we’re grown in Jackson, from local ingredients, and why we’re part of the Best of Jackson. So get in there and vote for us, and vote for some Real Jackson.

vote for us!

Member’s Weekend - November!

Posted by Patrick on November 18, 2016

From Friday, November 18th, to Sunday, November 20th, we’re having one of our Member’s Days! Shareholders get 20% off, members get 10% off!

Nov 18th through 20th

Meet Your Baker: Ashton Deakin

Posted by Patrick on October 12, 2016

My baking career began when I was 17 years old. While working for a local restaurant as a food runner, my shift began at 6am. One morning I was early for my shift and I decided to watch the bakers. Everything grabbed my attention, I instantly fell in love with bread. I watched as the 3 bakers worked in unison to transform raw dough into pieces of art. I remember the guys take dough and form it into a variety of shapes and sizes. I then glanced over to the oven and witnessed another baker putting the bread on some crazy contraption. He then, with the precision of a surgeon sliced the loaves and loaded them into the oven. Next a green button was pressed and steam made its way through the glass door. On the bottom rack bread that had already been sliced and baked was being unloaded. I was hooked! That morning I saw flour, water, salt, and yeast turn into aromatic artwork.

I asked the lead baker how I could get a job working with them. He laughed and said come in at 5am every morning. He had no clue I would do exactly that. For the next 3 months I came in at least an hour early to learn off the clock. They loved it, I had all the grunt work, they got to relax and most importantly I learned hands on. Everything they did, said or referred to I listened. I made tons of mistakes learning. I came to realize this was part science and part intuition. There was constant change. When baking bread there are variables everywhere, the temperature, humidity, flour, proof times, the list goes on and on. The one thing I was not allowed to do was load the bread into the oven. They let me practice scoring the bread, and feeling it to see if it was ready but the final decision came down to the “real bakers”. One day they were all gone, I noticed if a batch of bread didn’t go in right away it would be over proofed and lost.

Being 17 I decided to take charge, I put the bread on the loader, scored it and got it in the oven. Once I did it the worry set in, was I right, did I cost myself the apprenticeship? Fortunately no, the head baker praised me for taking the initiative. Slowly I began to get paid for doing what I love. It soon turned to full time and the learning really began, over the course of 5 years I devoted myself to bread. A good friend who was also my mentor as a Chef asked if I would like to bake at Rainbow. I came in and was asked to make a batch of bread, a sort of test. I made my Honey Brioche recipe that I had worked on for 3 years. I passed the test and started working. I was surrounded with people who also believed in quality organic ingredients and the idea that if we work together the end result will be great food that our customers deserve.

I’ve been on my bread journey ever since and have been fortunate enough to bake all over the country as well as the world. I recently returned to the states after working overseas for 3 years and changing careers. While visiting my parents in Jackson I kept thinking about baking. I stopped by Rainbow to see if they needed a baker. At the moment they didn’t and I continued to work remotely for my company overseas. One day Steve called and asked if I wanted to bake again, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I met with Steve and Brian to discuss our options. We agreed to rebuild the bakery. After just one day working with Brian his crew I knew we would do great things. New breads, desserts, muffins, scones, brownies, cinnamon rolls and a variety of other baked goods will hit the shelves. Our goal is to give customers the final word. If a bread, dessert or any other bakery item is not what they want or believe it can be improved that is exactly what we will do. I want people to smell fresh bread as they shop and see a wide variety of quality baked goods they enjoy.


Posted by Patrick on October 10, 2016

free memberships dot jay pee gee

We want everyone to feel welcome at Rainbow Co-op, so we’re making annual memberships FREE FOR EVERYONE. Just register at the front desk and you’ll get access to Member Specials, Staples, Picks and Member Days, including every Sunday! As a thank you to those who’ve invested in paid Memberships, you’ll receive 20% OFF for every punch remaining on your current member card instead of 10%.

The stock in Rainbow is still $75 for a lifetime share. Shareholders are the greatest contributors to our Co-op. Shareholders now receive the 20% Shareholder discount every Friday and Sunday.

SUNDAY: OCTOBER 9th - The Annual Meeting

Posted by Patrick on October 04, 2016

The Rainbow Cooperative Annual Shareholder meeting is right around the corner! We’re having it in the High Noon Cafe this year. It’s always fun, with Mississippi’s best vegetarian potluck, free beer, and fun financial presentations! Yeah, there’s gonna be a slideshow! WITH GRAPHS. Also, you’ll vote for and find out who becomes the new board of directors.

I hope you’re all as excited about graphs as I am, because let me tell you: These are some amazing graphs. There’s bars, there’s numbers, some of the bars are bigger than others, and all the axes are properly labeled and to scale, it’s really just a masterful bit of graphing. Not that pretentious kind that tries to make everything artistic and like a TED talk, either. Workman’s graphs. These numbers go up, these numbers go down. Tax stuff. It’s great. THRILLING.

Plus there’s beer, which always makes graphs even better. There’s drinks that aren’t beer, too. And a potluck. Rainbow provides some stuff, but you should really bring your own, since that’s the point of a potluck.

It’s a vegetarian potluck, so don’t make that mistake. Everyone here might not be a full-time vegetarian, but they’ll be vegetarian on that day. With your help. You can help. You can come look at graphs. Thanks!

The Rainbow Annual Shareholders Meeting will take place at 1:00 PM on Sunday, October 9th. It’s in the High Noon Cafe! Get there on time and you’ll be able to vote for the Board of Directors and hear all the speeches, and eat all the food! If you get there late, you’ll be stuck with me just watching the graphs.

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