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Meet Your Meat with Reyers Farms

Posted by Patrick on August 30, 2016

As part of our new Saturday Series (or possible, the Saturday Symposium, depending on how we go and how fancy we feel) we’re having our second Saturday workshop in a row! Meet Your Meat with Reyer Farms! (check it out on Facebook, here)

Jody Reyer of Reyer farms will be here to tell us about all the delicious new beef that’s been hitting the freezer at the Rainbow, then here’s your chance to find out everything! He will be here to discuss his operation, the intricacies of Pineywoods Cattle, and what makes Reyer Farms different. Sure, it’s grassfed, but what else do you want to know about it?

We’ll have recipes and (if enough people show up) probably we’ll whip up a little something on the hot plate!
For more information, visit:
OR find them on Facebook:

Member’s Weekend - August 26th-28th!

Posted by Patrick on August 17, 2016

We’ve got a member’s weekend coming up! From the 26th to the 28th, you can enjoy the full excitement and wonder of being a Rainbow Coop member (or shareholder, which is even more wondrous and joyful) simply by shopping. 

You’ll get 10% off your purchases (there’s a couple of exceptions, like “stuff that’s more than 10% off” and beers) if you’re an annual member, and 20% off if you’re a shareholder. That’s pretty substantial. 

Just to point out: The discounts don’t stack, so if you get a 10% discount from a case pack or something, and a 10% discount for being an annual member, you get 10% off. If there are two different discounts, you get the bigger one. We’re nice like that, but we’re not so nice we’re going to put ourselves out of business. We DO buy these things we sell to you, after all.

There’s always some extra sampling, extra stuff in stock, and some showcased “new items!” during the Members Weekend, so really, there’s no better time to shop!

Plus - if you’ve let your membership lapse, or if you’re trying to convince a friend to join the Rainbow, memberships are half off during Member’s Weekends! What would normally cost $25 for a year is now just $12.50! Please note that the Shareholder Membership/Ownership Shares are always $75 and cannot be discounted, as that would be unfair to the more than 500 people who already have shares!

Who is The Rainbow? Part One

Posted by Patrick on August 08, 2016

We’re going to focus lately on some of the people who are “The Rainbow.” Rainbow’s not just a collection of items and members, it’s also a community. First up is Melissa Mathewson, of the International Cesarean Awareness Network. We’ll let you hear from her in her own words:

“I am Melissa Mathewson, Chapter Leader for our local ICAN of Jackson, MS cesarean support group. ICAN’s Mission statement: The International Cesarean Awareness Network, Inc. (ICAN) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, providing support for cesarean recovery, and promoting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). ICAN of Jackson, MS is sponsoring our local Improving Birth Rally this year and has done so the last three years. Improving Birth’s Mission: Our mission is to bring respectful, evidence-based care to childbirth. The Improving Birth Rally is an annual event where local families come out and rally to improve birth. With our state’s and the nation’s cesarean rate being over 30% it is very important to raise awareness and seek change. Rally mission: We encourage men, women, and children to come stand in support of evidence-based maternity care and the right of women to make their own informed decisions about how to give birth. Many of the families in our birthing community love and support Rainbow Grocery and are proud to do so because Rainbow supports families and special interest groups that these families are invested in. Rainbow so generously has allowed ICAN to hold meetings at the High Noon Cafe, and we are certainly grateful! It’s been a central location to many in our group and a large enough space to hold our meetings in a private location.”

2016 Improving Birth Rally Info
ICAN of Jackson, MS

If you’re part of the Rainbow, and would like to be featured on our website, contact Patrick at and we’ll go from there.

Back to School Nutrition with Doctor Leo

Posted by Patrick on August 01, 2016

Even the most astute detective can’t figure out the mystery of the mystery meat in your school cafeteria - so let’s be sure that you’re getting your kids something better in their brown bag lunches. Sure, coming to Rainbow to do your shopping can be an enlightening experience, lightning your load, since there’s no high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings or coloring, MSG, GMOs, or any of the other food-hiding boogeymen that kids would be afraid of - if they weren’t being bombarded with marketing telling them to suck down sugary fat slurry every day!

But sometimes, even just shopping at the Rainbow isn’t enough. Sometimes you need some expert advice. That’s why we’re hosting Rainbow board president Doctor Leo Huddleston in his “Back to School Nutrition” workshop.


It’s Wednesday, August 3rd, right before school kicks off. There will be a brief rundown on healthy eating, a tour of the Rainbow, and a friendly question-and-answer period. We’ll start at 6 PM and be done by 7:30.

The event will take place in the High Noon Cafe.

Back to School Nutrition