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Rainbow Will Be Open for Memorial Day - PLUS A MEMBER’S DAY!

Posted by Patrick on May 23, 2016

For the first time ever, Rainbow will be open Monday, May 30th, for memorial day.

In the past, we’d taken as many days off as we could. Inevitably, that let some of you down. There are few shopping experiences more disappointing than coming to your favorite local business and finding them closed when you didn’t know about it. Sure, we can put up as many notices as we want - but eventually, someone misses them. Somebody drives all the way up (or down) to the Rainbow, and finds our doors locked and closed on a holiday. We’ve got customers coming all the way from Starkville, Tupelo, Hattiesburg - and we don’t want them to come to the Coop on a holiday and find those doors locked.

From now on, we’re going to be open on pretty much every holiday - save Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.

Hopefully, this will be a benefit to the Rainbow and to you, so don’t hesitate to come in on Memorial Day this year. Get that last-minute veggie dog, try a beer, or pick up some local pork. We’ll be there for you! We’ll be open our regular hours, 9 to 7.

Additionally, this is going to be a pop up member’s day. We’ll have the member’s discounts and shareholders discounts, plus half off memberships!

We're Open and Having a Member's Day

May’s Plant Based Potluck

Posted by Patrick on May 12, 2016

The summer months bring those frozen bananas to the Plant-Based Potluck. Once again, we’ll be meeting up at 1 PM on Saturday (Saturday, May 14th, if you must know) in the High Noon Cafe to share and discuss our favorite plant-based dishes and diets. Hopefully, Doctor Leo (the man, not the juice) will be there to hand out some of his delicious banana “ice cream” while we show off some ferments, juices, and smoothies.

Hope to see you there!