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The Rainbow, CBD Oil Regulation, and You

Posted by Patrick on March 24, 2016

Customers have been asking questions about the uncertain future of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil in the supplements department.

It’s important to say that we don’t foresee any issues in the immediate future. Still, it’s good to be informed of this interesting situation.

Currently, it’s legal to sell CBD oil as a supplement in the United States. The FDA rules covering supplements and drugs are labyrinthine. Therefore, several wholesale supplements suppliers have recently run afoul of the FDA by marketing their CBD products as drugs. This resulted in warning letters and actions from the FDA.

People rightly concerned with the future of CBD oil were lumped in with spokespeople and marketers for less reputable CBD companies, who were, perhaps, unduly alarmed. Adding to the confusion (and when it comes to supplements and drug sales, even the finest minds can be muddled) some CBD oil research has forked off into a drug-development trajectory. Given the success of CBD oil, this was inevitable. Since drugs and supplements are researched and marketed differently, the supplements being investigated as potential drugs are held to different safety and production standards – standards that some companies were not meeting.

At the moment, there’s nothing to worry about at the Rainbow. Our CBD vendor, CannaVest, sells a product verified for safety and doesn’t make inappropriate claims, they – and we - should be fine for the foreseeable future.

In the future, what might happen?

CBD oil might be considered a drug. This is our worst case scenario, as it would prevent us from carrying it.

Could be, nothing changes. The FDA would continue considering CBD oil a supplement, and we would continue to carry it.

Alternatively, CBD oil could be considered both a supplement in some formulations, and a drug in others. This has already happened with other natural supplements that went through similar drug-research paths. This would allow us to keep the products – or something very similar - on the shelves.

We thank you for your concern. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us, or even better, come by and visit.

Rainbow - Open For Easter

Posted by Patrick on March 21, 2016

For the first time ever, Rainbow will be open for Easter Sunday. We know that our Sunday shoppers are some of our best shoppers, and in the past, we’ve been closed for Easter.

Inevitably, that let some of you down. There are few shopping experiences more disappointing than coming to your favorite local business and finding them closed when you didn’t know about it. Sure, we can put up as many notices as we want - but eventually, someone misses them. Somebody drives all the way up (or down) to the Rainbow, and finds our doors locked and closed on a holiday. We’ve got customers coming all the way from Starkville, Tupelo, Hattiesburg - and we don’t want them to come to the Coop on a Holiday and find those doors locked.

So, we’re going to start opening for more holidays. We’re not picking on Easter, we’re going to be open on pretty much every holiday from now on - save Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. Easter just happens to be the first holiday we’ve had since we made this decision. Hopefully, this will be a benefit to the Rainbow and to you, so don’t hesitate to come in on Easter this year. Get that last-minute head of cabbage, a new tea, or some local eggs. We’ll be there for you.