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New in the High Noon

Posted by Patrick on February 03, 2016


At the Rainbow, we’re always working on ways to make ourselves more sustainable, and more self-sufficient. It’s in our promise to the community - to provide healthy, natural foods at a price the community can afford. One way we do that is to make what we can in the High Noon Cafe, rather than pay someone else. Another way to reduce our ecological impact is to help Jackson be more vegetarian. So to combine those two goals, and remain the “Best Place For Healthy Food” in Jackson (according to the Free Press) we’re working on making our own seitan, okara, and soy milk.

What is seitan? Is seitan the devil? No. If someone says they “really like seitan,” don’t throw holy water on them. All we’re asking is for people to give seitan a chance. It’s a faux meat made from wheat gluten. It’s fat-free and starch-free, and a great source of protein. In the past few years, gluten has gotten a bad rap, but for the vast majority of people it’s entirely harmless, and actually quite good for you. Still, people who have Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity should avoid it.

But, our chef Bryan, known as B-Rex to the people who like calling him “B-Rex, works hard to make this stuff - kneading the heavy, stretchy gluten dough, preparing the perfect broth, and seasoning it “just right.”

The result is a flavor that’s somewhere between chicken and beef - seitan is often called “mock duck” for this reason.The smell, when combined with the onions and bell peppers that are grilled up alongside the gluten, is like all the best parts of going to the fair (and none of the bad parts.) We’re putting this Philly Cheesesteak style sandwich on our best brioche hero bun, or between fluffy flour tortillas, for some great dining. We’ve also got vegan and dairy cheeses available, to suit all your dietary desires.

Another thing we’re making on our own now is okara. Not okra, okara. Okara is a ground chicken substitute that’s made from the hulls of soybeans that are ground down in the soy-milk making process. It’s got a slightly meaty, mostly neutral flavor, somewhere between beans and chicken, but it soaks up any flavor you add to it, and Chef B-Rex is using that property to soak all the great High Noon Burger flavors into a new lower-fat form. It’ll be lighter, crispier, and meatier. If you want the plain High Noon Burger, we’re still doing that, too.

Also, we’re now making our own soy milk to use in the High Noon Cafe. Gotta keep those vegans happy. Even people who don’t like milk of any kind seem to like our fresh soy milk.

Local Love Returns

Posted by Patrick on February 03, 2016

Local Love Sale - Feb. 7th to the 14th

While there’s always local love to be found at the Rainbow, sometimes we feel really special about it. Sometimes we do a little something-something to show you that locality.

This year, that “something” is the Local Love Fest Sale. It’s essentially a week long member’s day - the sort of day we have a few times a year to commemorate the heroic actions of our members and member owners.

Just like a regular weekend-long Member’s Weekend, our Members get some great deals! What are they? I’m glad you asked. did ask, right? Doesn’t matter. Keep reading.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Members get 10% off all purchases.
  • Member-Owners (Lifetime Members) get 20% off all purchases.
  • Not a member? All memberships are now HALF OFF! (except lifetime memberships)

Plus, we’re going to be just a little more special than usual! How? You’ll have to come to the Rainbow to find out.