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This Week - Produce Discount

Posted by Patrick on January 19, 2016

Starting Monday, January 18th, and ending Friday, January 22nd, there’s a department-wide sale on our award-winning fresh fruits and vegetables.

There’s more than just apples, bananas, and spinach! We’ve got juices, smoothies, fermented vegetables, local produce, and more. Almost everything’s organic - and if it’s not, it’s from a trusted local vendor. We’re trying to help you to eat right in 2016. Come on by.

New Maple Syrup Grades

Posted by Patrick on January 05, 2016

The new report cards are in, and maple syrup grades have changed! We’re deeply sorry for that joke, and to make up for it, we’re offering a second, free joke rife with additional alliteration: The sweet science of syrup selection swapped some simple symbols, so some consumers are seriously confused!
At the Rainbow, we’ve always sold nothing but Organic, Grade B maple syrup. What does that mean, though? Let’s find out!
Once upon a time, there were three grades of maple syrup available to the shopper: Fancy, A, and B. Fancy was the lightest in color, A was slightly darker, B even more so. Other grades, like C, were only for commercial uses – making maple sugar, maple confections, cookies, and the like.
All grades of maple syrup were – and still are - made the same way. No grade is processed more, less, or even differently, than the others.
The grades are based on color, and those shades change with the time of year, or location of the maple trees. The reason that Rainbow carried Organic grade B was that it was more affordable. Light syrups aren’t sweeter, but they are more expensive, and have less of a “maple” flavor. Darker syrups tend to have a taste of mineral and wood behind them – the taste that makes it maple.
Plus, the various cleanses, detoxes, and potions our customers are always making call exclusively for Grade B – so that’s what we carried.
Don’t fret, though – we still carry Grade B syrup, it’s just that Grade B has a new name!
Instead of “Fancy, A, and B” grades, all maple syrup available on the shelf is now “Grade A.” This solves a simple problem: there was a perceived quality difference between the grades. People thought that B or A was a higher quality, or more refined, or had more sugar. This was not the case. The different grades were solely a matter of taste.
So, what are you seeing on the shelf?
Grade A now has the 4 following categories:
Golden color with delicate taste.
Amber color with rich taste.
Dark with robust taste.
Very dark with strong taste.
What used to be Grade B is now “Grade A dark with robust taste.” That’s what you’ll see at the Rainbow from now on! Thanks for listening!