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New Year 2016

Posted by Patrick on December 30, 2015

The NEW YEAR is almost here. I know time works kind of like space, so we can use “almost here” interchangeably, right? Even though it’s not going to run us down?

Good, I’m glad we’re past all that confusion. Here’s what’s going to happen at the end of the year at the Rainbow.

We’re closing at our normal time on New Year’s Eve. We’re also running a SUPER SECRET POP UP MEMBER’S DAY on December 30th. Members will get their normal Member’s Day Discount, 10%. Shareholders will get their normal 20%. EVERYONE will qualify for 1/2 off memberships. EVERYONE can get a FREE $10 gift card if they purchase a $50 gift card.

Plus, once the New Year begins, we’ll have a short special guest appearance by celebrity cashier Blossom! She’s one of the Rainbow’s favorites, and while she’s been all over these United States she’ll be here at the Rainbow ringing up customers like it’s nothing, before heading off to Washington, DC.

popup info!

Spicy Coconut Milk Soup

Posted by Patrick on December 10, 2015

Spicy Coconut Milk Soup

It’s winter, so you want some soups that are a bit more hearty, a bit more warming. Fortunately, Rainbow’s got everything you need to make this incredible soup.

What you need: (For approximately 6 servings)

Schezwan Peppercorns
Black Peppercorns
Star Anise
Cinnamon Sticks
Whole cayenne, habanero, or jalapeno peppers (fresh or dried)
Lemongrass (fresh or dried)
Fresh ginger
Fresh turmeric
Whole cloves
Whole allspice
Schisandra berries (dried)

2 qts broth. You can use any kind of broth. Lighter broths work best!

Large onion
Peeled, chopped garlic to taste
Your favorite protein (about ½ lb)
Your favorite vegetables (about ½ lb)
This is a perfect chance to use frozen vegetables if you’ve got some hanging out!
Dried sweetened pineapple (3-4 whole slices)
Coconut milk (2 cans - you might not use all of both!)

Oil - coconut oil with a touch of sesame oil is my prefered mix.
Soy sauce (or tamari, aminos, your favorite replacement)
Fish sauce (a sprinkling of wakame if you want this to be vegetarian)
Oyster Sauce. You can a dash of nutritional yeast in a saucer full of vegetable broth to make a vegetarian version. Some stores carry vegetarian oyster sauce replacement. We don’t, at the Rainbow, as none of the vegetarian formulae meet our buying standards.

Large stockpot (2 gallon plus)
Small stockpot (holds at least 3 qts)
Stirring spoons, ladles, etc.

You’ll notice, as usual, that the spices don’t have set amounts out beside them. You’ll need to know your audience and your personal flavors. It’s important, though, to realize that you’re going to need a LOT of spices for this. You’ll make a highly flavored broth - a broth that’s TOO HOT to even consider using! Then, you’ll mellow it out with coconut milk, so don’t be afraid to create a real tongue-scorching concoction. Go heaviest on lemongrass, ginger, and turmeric. I like three or four pinches of each, and I have big fingers. Go light on schezwan and schisandra, as they can easily lend unappealing bitter bites to the broth.

Now, get your broth cooking on the stove in your small stockpot. You’ll want a couple of quarts for the amount of spices I’ve indicated. You can use chicken broth, chick-un broth, beef, vegetable, bone broth, whatever you’ve got on hand. Lighter broths are best!

Add all the spices, you’ll be straining them out before you finish the soup, so if you don’t have an appropriate strainer, put your spices in a spice ball or muslin sack. If you don’t have that, you probably shouldn’t be making this soup, if you wind up biting into a whole clove or Schisandra berry, you’ll be sad.

Now, bring this to a boil and put the lid on it. You’ll want to keep it at a light simmer, so you don’t have to stir constantly. Stir occasionally, and taste it now and then to see what sort of flavor you’ve got. You want this broth to become unbelievably hot and spicy, like something you wouldn’t want to eat. When it does, turn it off and let it sit.

While the broth is bubbling, thinly slice your onion and begin sauteing it in your oil. Use the LARGE stockpot for this. You want to brown them, but halfway there, go ahead and add your chopped garlic. At the very end, add your chopped dried pineapple and your protein. Give it a good stir.

Now, STRAIN YOUR BROTH before adding it to the large stockpot. If you’re brave, you can just put your strainer over the large stockpot and pour. I was feeling cautious, so I strained it twice by pouring into a third stockpot, then my main pot.

Now that you’ve got your broth and your first ingredients together, add one can of coconut milk. If the soup is still too spicy, add more coconut milk. Continue to add your miscellaneous sauces and seasonings to taste - taste the soup constantly, after each addition, and, if necessary, add some lime juice, hot sauce, or sweetener to get things right where you want them.

Finally, throw your vegetables in. Let the conglomeration come to a light boil (or even right before a boil) and then let it cool to a nice edible temperature. It’ll be good for days!

Serve over rice or noodles.