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Posted by shelby on July 02, 2015

Late last year, in order to maintain our long term sustainability, we changed the menu and operation of the High Noon Cafe. Since then, many of our long-time members and customers have wanted some of those old items to come back, but, that has been out of our reach.

Now, thanks to the hard work of the cafe and some very good customers, we’re going to bring a few of these items back.

It won’t be the “everything, all-the-time” model that we used to run with in the High Noon. In order to keep things fresh and to keep the food and service moving quickly, we are going to bring a single grill item back on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Mondays, we’ll run vegetable quesadillas. As always, they’ll have the option of dairy of vegan cheese.
Tuesdays, we’ll have black bean burritos. These have always been a staff and member favorite.
Wednesdays, we’ll have the High Noon Burger, which everyone’s been hankering for.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll still have the inventive vegetarian specials that the membership has gotten used to. Stir fries, pad thai, paella, enchiladas, nacho salad, red beans and rice - all the items the customers have gotten to love over the past eight months.

So, there will be more choices those three days - a grill item, the harmony bowl, the special, a salad, a soup - really, something for everyone.

On Thursdays, we’re going to bring on the Pizza Party. It’s not really a party unless you want it to be, but, it’s pizzas to order. Vegan or dairy cheese. Your choice of toppings. The harmony bowl, soups, and salads are all still on the menu, as well.

And Friday - well, we couldn’t change seaside cake Friday if we tried. The members would have us run out of town. So that will stay the same. If you don’t like the seaside cakes, then you can still get the harmony bowl, a soup, or a salad.

We’re really glad that the membership, and the other shoppers, have stood by us during this difficult time. The cafe is doing better than ever, and if this keeps up, we’ll be your vegetarian and vegan choice for years to come.