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Walkin’ the Talk Awards

Posted by shelby on August 22, 2014

This is an annual award given to Rainbow Employees who are applying the Rainbow mission to their personal lives.

Rainbow’s Mission:

We are a member owned and operated consumer cooperative dedicated to providing natural and organic products and services that promote health awareness, a clean environment, and a strong community; at the lowest possible cost.

This award gives recognition to Rainbow employees who have adopted a healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, or have made changes in that direction. In the process of embodying this vision they have done an exceptional job of inspiring others to live more healthy and sustainable lives.

Any shopper, member or staff person can make one or more nominations.

Anyone making a nomination should give that employees name and a brief description about why you are nominating them. We will need your nominations turned in to the Rainbow Customer Service desk or e-mailed to by Friday, 9/12.

The nominations will be presented to the Rainbow Board of Directors, who will select the winner(s).

The awards will be announced and presented at the Rainbow Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday, October 12th.  Mark your calendars!

Support Rainbow at City Hall One Last Time!

Posted by shelby on August 11, 2014

If you attended the last City Council meeting when Rainbow members, customers, and employees gathered en masse to support their local grocery cooperative, then you witnessed just how effective this sort of democratic participation can be. We need your help one more time!

The City of Jackson Public Works Department is presenting the budget for our flooding repairs at this Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Because of heavy rains on Sunday night, our store was struck by heavy flooding and will be closed until Wednesday, which makes it even more crucial that this budget is approved in a timely manner.

Since we can’t shop or work tomorrow, I hope you can attend to again let our elected representatives know how important it is to have access to healthy food, the ability to shop at small local business, and the importance of the only grocery cooperative in the state of Mississippi. Your support has allowed us to continue serving our community. Your support got us this far with City Hall. Please help us get the project finished so that we can keep food healthy, local, inexpensive, and accessible to the City of Jackson and the State of Mississippi.

Please wear your “Rainbow Kayak Team” t-shirt if you have one. You can also buy one using the link below and pick it up from Chris or Shelby, OR we’ll have some with us for purchase tomorrow ($15 cash only). If you would like to make a public comment, show up at about 9:30 to sign in.

Thank you so much!