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February Roundup Recipient: CARA

Posted by shelby on March 11, 2014

Cashiers Gonzo and Jessica present a check for $1,504.78 raised through our Roundup program to Laura, Denise, Cinnamon and Spice of CARA. Thank you to everyone who contributed during the month of February!

Health and Beauty

Discontinued Toothpastes

Posted by shelby on March 09, 2014

The following toothpastes are discontinued for sale at Rainbow as they do not fall within our purchasing policy:

Auromere brand: mint-free, fresh mint, and licorice. These varieties contain sodium lauryl sulfate.
Toms brand: All but ‘clean and gentle’ variety. Discontinued varieties contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

Please feel free to ask a health & beauty associate for help in finding a comparable toothpaste!

Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty product standards

Posted by shelby on March 03, 2014

We do not allow any of the following ingredients in our Health & Beauty products:

-DMDM hydantoin
-FD & C color and pigments
    -p-phenylenediamine and colors listed as “CI” followed by a five-digit number
-Petroleum and/or by-products, i.e.
    -PEG (Polyethylene glycol)
    -Propylene glycol & Butylene glycol
-Sodium Laurel Sulfates & Sodium Laureth Sulfates
-Artificial/synthetic fragrances not from a natural source
-Isopropyl alcohol
-Mineral oil (some products excluded)
-Lard, beeswax, propolis, royal jelly and other animal by-products
-Aluminium chlorohydrate