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A Tale of Two Burgers: Two Recipes Using the Plant-Based Beyond Burger

Posted by Admin on August 08, 2017

One of my favorite new products at Rainbow is the Beyond Meat® Beyond Burger(™). The Beyond Burger is a plant-based burger patty that has been blowing up the internet lately thanks to its similarities to real beef. It’s been lauded as looking, tasting, and “acting” closer to a real beef patty than any other vegetarian burger before it. It’s even won over some die-hard carnivores!

So this weekend I decided to cook up these babies to give them a try for myself and show you two different recipes you can make using the new Beyond Burger.

Beyond Burger

The burgers come two to a box and are packaged like pre-shaped ground beef patties. The label boasts 20 grams of protein per burger. It’s important to note that Beyond Meat uses pea proteins for their burgers. These aren’t your typical soy protein burgers, which is great for those worried about too much soy in their diet. They’re also gluten free. If you buy them frozen be sure to thaw them before cooking.

Plump and Juicy

Right off the bat these are easily more impressive to look at than most veggie burgers—at least the ones that try to simulate real meat. They’re appetizingly thick and have the texture and moistness of ground beef as well. So, let’s get these babies cooking for our burger recipes!

That Sizzle tho
That sizzle, tho.

While cooking, the patties sizzle and “bleed” out moisture just like a real beef patty. The package suggests 3 minutes per side to mimic a medium cooked burger, so that’s what I went for.

I’d recommend either a non stick skillet or a well-oiled one. (Cooking spray didn’t do the trick in my case.) I lost some of the nice crust that formed when trying to flip mine (#amateurchef), but what I managed to salvage did have a nice seared, meaty char to it.

Now, onto the recipes…

Recipe #1: The Beyond Meat Mushroom Swiss Burger

Assembly time! Earlier I caramelized some onions nice and slow over low heat for about an hour to bring out their natural sugars and give them an almost jam-like consistency. I used a whole grain bun, but you could easily go for a gluten-free variety—available at Rainbow!—if you’re about that life.

Caramelized onions
Seriously, I could eat these onions by themselves.

Then I topped the patty with some mushrooms I had sauteed—divine! (Another thing I loved about this burger is that it’s perfectly bun-sized. It doesn’t shrink when cooked and there’s none of that pesky bread overhang as you can see below.)

Sauteed mushrooms

Finally, I topped it all off with some melty, ooey-gooey swiss cheese and my fave barbecue sauce. (You can easily make this vegan using your favorite non-dairy cheese or omitting it altogether.)

Drool worthy

...And DIG IN!

The mushroom swiss

This burger was fantastic. The texture of the burger is almost identical to ground beef and it stays super moist—it even “bleeds” its juices when you squish it. And, the center stays nice and pink too, giving you a real burger experience. The mushrooms just add to the overall umami flavor, and those caramelized onions add a smoky sweetness that’s complimented by the tangy barbecue sauce. I definitely joined the clean plate club with this one!

Recipe #2: The All-American Classic Beyond Burger

I put the other patty in the fridge for the next night’s dinner and am happy to report that it kept very well. It didn’t lose any moisture or taste being reheated in the microwave the next day, so these would be great to cook up in batches and have ready for dinners throughout the week. Now, onto the assembly!

Start with a squirt of mustard.


Top the patty with the classic, all-American burger trifecta: lettuce, tomato and onion (all from Rainbow!), and a squirt of ketchup.


And seal it with a kiss! (Or, you know, with the top bun.)

Classic perfection
(But we won’t judge you if you do wanna kiss it. This burger is bae.)

Y’all… As gourmet as the first burger was, believe it or not, this was my fave. The flavor of the patty just goes so well with classic burger toppings. The crisp, brightness of all the fresh veggies contrasted the dense meatiness of the patty perfectly, just like fresh veggies on a “real” burger do. If you eat dairy this would be amazing with a slice of American cheese melted on top, but I wanted to try the full vegan experience with this one.

All in all, the Beyond Burger is really impressive in its “burgeriness.” If I were craving a burger—which is basically every waking hour of my life—and someone handed me this, it would definitely satisfy my craving. I HIGHLY recommend that you come by Rainbow and pick up the Beyond Burger to try for yourself. When you do, be sure to let us know how you prepare it—I’d love to see your own recipes! You can share your creations on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Still in Business Sale July 28th

Posted by Patrick on July 26, 2017

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” - Mark Twain

Did you know that Mark Twain didn’t really say that? I knew that. Because Rainbow has recently become acquainted with rumors of our demise.

We’re still here. We’re still in business. Now, you might not know that if you’re going over to Whole Foods Market, but you shouldn’t be trusting the people who work in big box corporate stores, anyway. What you’ll get is misinformation. Misinformation like “Rainbow closed,” which is what their employees have been telling people who ask about your beloved cooperative.

Rainbow closed for two days to clean up after a flood. But we’ve been back open for almost two weeks now, and it’s just a little frustrating to have a 13 billion dollar company getting their basic details wrong. Maybe one of their employees could ask their new boss Alexa to take them to our website.

Frankly, we’re a little disappointed that you believed the dudes at Whole Foods in the first place. It’s easy to give Rainbow a call - we know, because a lot of you did just that when you heard this - and find out it’s not true.

So, to celebrate the wrongness of the Corporate Overlords, we’re throwing a pop-up Still In Business Sale. It’s like a “going out of business” sale, except for the going “out of” part. Really more of a “business” sale.

Friday, July 28th, we’re having a member’s day and we’ll put some special samples and stuff in Rainbow for you to come try. Members get their 10% discounts, shareholders get their 20% discounts, and we’ll all have a good time generally being open and in business and not deploying a fleet of drones.

Reopening the Rainbow

Posted by Patrick on July 14, 2017

We successfully cleaned up and reopened Thursday, July 13th. We’re still doing touches of cleaning and drying, so be careful not to step on a power cord while the dehydrators are running! Still, though - this weekend everything is proceeding as usual, with our weekly membership discounts on Sunday!

Rainbow Closed for Flooding

Posted by Patrick on July 11, 2017

Rainbow will not be open at nine this morning. Our 4th flood of 2017 is being cleaned up. When the City of Jackson installed a new drainage system for this street due to your overwhelming pressure at city council meetings and phone calls to your city council members, we were told that we would only see flooding once or twice every five years.
This is the 4th time this year.
Stay tuned to this page to see when we reopen. I wish I had a good idea when it will be.
Thanks, Rainbow Community. We put up with these setbacks for you.

Rainbow Will Be Open for July 4th

Posted by Patrick on July 03, 2017

Rainbow will be open on July 4th for our normal business hours. High Noon Cafe will be closed July 4th for a deep cleaning. The soup and salad bar and deli will all be available.

How to Cook the Perfect Brown Rice

Posted by Patrick on May 29, 2017

You always hear that you should eat more brown rice instead of white rice, right? Healthy brown rice may have a low price, but sometimes it doesn’t cook up as nice, no matter what device you might decide to use, right?

Well listen up, Rainbow has some advice, it’s easy to use, and not too precise, you can mess with it without a roll of the dice, add ingredients, or excise, you’ll make a nice bowl of rice that will entice, no matter how you slice it. You’ll be so cool they’ll claim you’re on ice.

Here’s how you do it:

Makes 2-4 cups of cooked brown rice.

Set aside 1-2 cups of uncooked brown rice - I prefer short grain, it tends to fluff a little easier, but Basmati and Jasmine are both great substitutes. Don’t heavily season Jasmine rice, it’ll provide it’s own wonderfully floral scent.

Get your largest pot - it’ll need to hold 3-4 QUARTS of water (and the rice). Add 3-4 quarts of water to the pot. You can substitute any amount of broth you’d like, but I don’t recommend using more than 1 quart of broth and 3 quarts of water. A quart is a LOT of broth, don’t use more than that unless you really want to weigh it down. It’ll make it less fluffy. You probably want your rice fluffy. Too much broth will render it heavy and slick.

Start that water on high on your stovetop while you add your seasonings. These are optional:


½ to 1 tablespoons of your preferred oil. You can use less oil if you used broth. You don’t have to use oil. I like a little butter, coconut oil, or toasted sesame oil for flavor.

Salt. I like a dash of sea salt.

Bay leaves, 1-2.

1-2 whole peeled cloves of garlic.

1-2 dried African bird peppers.

A glug of soy sauce and/or fish sauce.

A couple of 1” sprigs of ginger.



Obviously you don’t want to put ALL of those in there at once, but mix in what you’d like! My favorite for Asian-themed dishes is garlic, pepper, fish sauce, and ginger. I’ll use bay leaves, salt, rosemary and thyme for more Western European dishes, or red beans and rice, and straight salt/oil for simple dishes.

Once the water is at a ROLLING boil (roiling), add your rice. Leave the top OPEN and let it boil for 45 minutes on HIGH. You really want that rice to roll around in there to keep it from getting heavy and stuck together. Feel free to stir it from time to time - you don’t have to, but you can. Leaving the top off can make the kitchen a little warmer, but also makes the house smell DELICIOUS.

Do not eat your house. The brown rice will be much better.

Once the 45 minutes are up, turn OFF the stove, and pour the rice and water through a colander. You won’t need the water again, so feel free to pour it down the sink. If you want a little as a keepsake or for other cooking needs (it’ll be starchy and spiced as you spiced the rice, and good for Very Little) you can do that before you pour it out.

IMPORTANT: Once you pour out the rice, put it BACK in the HOT POT, and COVER IT. That’s important. You’ll leave the hot pot full of hot rice on the stove steaming in it’s own goodness for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, pick out your twigs and sprigs of seasonings, toss it with a fork, (this is a good spot to throw a little rice vinegar on there if you want) and enjoy fluffy brown rice!


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