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High Noon Cafe is our vegetarian restaurant, open for convenient counter service and available in our Grab & Go Deli at all store hours.

Wednesday, January 18

Southern Sides

Chix-Un & Rice

Tuesday, January 24

Stir Fry

Black Bean and Spinach Burritos


We’re Rearranging Some things

New Year, New You? We liked the old you, too, to be honest. So let’s try New Year, New Shelves. It doesn’t have that pop, does it? Well, whatever the case, we’re moving a lot of things around, getting new items, and re-acquiring some old favorites....

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New Year’s Day - CLOSED

Rainbow will be open our normal hours on New Years Eve and CLOSED New Years Day! If you need some extra resolution-fuel from Rainbow, be sure to stock up early!

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Rainbow Tuna Salad - Vegan OR With Tuna

Rainbow Tuna Salad By Patrick Jerome

For the listed recipe, I was using Sophie’s Kitchen Vegan Toona, but you omnivores can substitute tuna.

Per can of tuna (6-8oz size)

2-3 celery sticks, preferably from the center, with leaves attached 1 small red...

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Rainbow and the Holidays

There are a lot of holidays, especially around those astronomically important times of the year – your solstices and your equinoxes. It’s a good time to remember that daylight and warmth are coming back soon, despite the fact that it’s dark at five right now.


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Patrick’s Fiery BBQ Rub

Patrick’s Fiery BBQ Rub:

All these ingredients are available in our bulk department. Feel free to make any replacements or substitutions you want. This mix is a spicy, tangy dry rub suitable for most light meats, tofu, seitan, and other hot grilling and dipping recipes.


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