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High Noon Cafe is our vegetarian restaurant, open for convenient counter service and available in our Grab & Go Deli at all store hours.

Monday, July 25

Southern Sides

Vegetable Quesadilla


Tuesday, July 26

Pad Thai

Black bean and spinach burritos

Lentil Soup

Wednesday, July 27

Nacho Salad

High Noon Burger


Thursday, July 28


Seitan Philly Cheesesteak

Nacho Soup

Friday, July 29

Seaside Cakes, Mashed Potatoes and Coleslaw

Tomato Soup

Expiration Dates and Half Off Tags - What’s the Deal?

You’ve probably spent more time than you like squinting at those little numerical sequences squished into odd corners of your groceries. Expiration dates.

With a name like that, you’d think that they were going to tell you when something expired, when that food you were...

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Rainbow Will Be Open for July 4th

Rainbow will be open for July 4th, Independence Day. It’s not only a movie, it’s a national holiday, but we’ll be here, America-ing it iup, with a Pop-Up Member’s Day. Yeah, America, 10% off purchases for members, 20% off purchases for owners. Half off memberships! So instead...

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June 2016 - Half off Memberships!

We’re having a membership drive in June! The summer’s coming on strong, so you’re going to want to stock up on those Coop staples with member’s pricing. Also new this month, we’re introducing the Community Pick - a Member’s Price that anyone can...

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Rainbow Will Be Open for Memorial Day - PLUS A MEMBER’S DAY!

For the first time ever, Rainbow will be open Monday, May 30th, for memorial day.

In the past, we’d taken as many days off as we could. Inevitably, that let some of you down. There are few shopping experiences more disappointing than coming to your favorite...

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May’s Plant Based Potluck

The summer months bring those frozen bananas to the Plant-Based Potluck. Once again, we’ll be meeting up at 1 PM on Saturday (Saturday, May 14th, if you must know) in the High Noon Cafe to share and discuss our favorite plant-based...

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