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High Noon Cafe is our vegetarian restaurant, open for convenient counter service and available in our Grab & Go Deli at all store hours.

Wednesday, September 28

Enchilada Pie

High Noon Burger

Nacho Soup

Thursday, September 29


Seitan Philly Cheesesteak

Nacho Soup

Friday, September 30

Seaside Cakes, Mashed Potatoes and Coleslaw

Onion Soup

Monday, October 03

Red Beans & Rice

Vegetable Quesadilla


Tuesday, October 04


Black bean and spinach burritos

Curried Carrot

Rainbow Class: September 24th: Canning

Summer’s rolling to a close, and those bounties of tomatoes and peppers are about to halt as well! So what you need to do is learn how to preserve your harvest with some helpful kitchen tips and lessons from the professionals.

Join Rainbow employee Patrick Jerome...

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This Weekend at the Rainbow - October 1st: A Women’s Soap Party

This will be an opportunity for women to gather and learn of the ancient power embodied in the traditional Bath. Using Native African Black Soap, nourish and cleanse both your body and spirit, empowering change. This will be a chance to implement life-altering habits that support you, your family...

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Rainbow Coop Elections! (The Fun Kind)

Want to participate in an election that doesn’t remind you of all the world’s problems? Want to participate in some democracy that doesn’t depress you with your dearth of choices?

Think you’d be a better choice than certain unnamed someones running for office?...

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This Weekend at the Rainbow - September 17th-18th

Our ongoing Saturday seminars are still… ongoing.

On Saturday, September 17th, we’re having a free Yoga Class. This free yoga class, by Alyssa Sikora of Magnolia Healthy Living, is suitable for anyone - if you’re an experienced yoga guru or a total beginner! There will...

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Meet Your Meat with Reyers Farms

As part of our new Saturday Series (or possible, the Saturday Symposium, depending on how we go and how fancy we feel) we’re having our second Saturday workshop in a row! Meet Your Meat with Reyer Farms! (check it out on Facebook, Read full post.

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